Asia Sourcing Support


We are a league of global agents who came together with one simple goal: delivering highest quality  products tailored to the clients’ specications, effectively providing a solid ground for any brands, manufacturers, distributors or private labels to launch their own consumer electronics line up. Our team consists of tightly knitted network of specialized agents who are located in the USA, China, Hong Kong and Eastern & Western Europe. Our agents are seasoned veterans in the Consumer Electronics field, and are well versed in factory management, certications, package design, production, quality control and international logistics.

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We offer highest quality products at client-target price for the specific market. We pride in ourselves to offer the latest trending products based on the feedback from our global clients. Speed-to-market is our biggest strength when it comes to sourcing.

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With strategic partnership with more than 40 industry-leading factories, we offer competitive and comprehensive product development service – from product development to assisting product placement in global sales channels.

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We closely follow the production status to make sure that the production issues are dealt with promptly and precisely.  There isn’t a single production run without a problem – it’s important that the problems are dealt with in timely manner to ensure the delivery schedule.

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We offer in-person quality control service complete with written reports before shipment.  Our quality control service includes authenticating certificates, product stress-testing, assembly monitoring and packaging instruction.

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We offer complete retail package development service from structure, design and production with years of experience developing mass market consumer packages under our belt.  We have multiple packaging factories specialized in blister, paper and everything in between.

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We come from mass market distribution in AU / US and understand the strict certification requirements for products in order for a proper market penetration.  We work with factories who can supply products with CE, ROHS, MFi, BQB, MSDS and REACH certification.