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Why we need Credit Card Protector

A new form of identity theft its causing a lot of concern its called electronic pickpocketing and makes possible for thieves to snatch your credit card information without even touch of your wallet. They are many malicious hackers outside who “stand on any street corner” and wirelessly can steal your card information.

RFID Technology

Contactless smart cards

RFID technologies have been around for a long time and they are now included in more and more items. RFID chips are growing in popularity as the technology spreads across multiple industries. Rfid is a small radio chip that holds and transfers personal information and its now build inside credit and debit cards. Its suppose to make things much more convenient, just a quick scan and the transaction is done. But as easier as it is to scan ….. it is even easier to be scanned. Yes, a hacker might be able to read your credit card information remotely as you pass by.


Although companies are introducing this technology, they are not offering the protection consumers need to keep their personal information safe and secure. Although, it’s something you can do to protect your card using protect card sleeves that block the actual transmission so no exchange information happening.

Credit Card Protector offers a RFID credit card protection sleeve for contactless credit and debit cards in YOUR wallet. Simply slide the card into the credit card protector and the sleeve back into your wallet. It’s just that simple.