Ideal for off-shore communications, this splashprof UM355VHF BK is a great communication tool on the water. The splashproof radio housing is certified to meet the worldwide JIS4 water-resistance specification*. It has a rugged splashproof speaker microphone great for operating on the water.

  • Splashproof JIS4
  • Splashproof Microphone
  • Triple Watch
  • Emergency Channel Monitoring
  • Memory Scan
  • International Channels

– Splashproof Microphone
– Emergency Channel Monitoring
– Splashproof JIS4
– Rugged Splashproof Housing
– Large LCD Display with Brightness Control
– 1W/25W Transmitter Power Level Select
– Variable Squelch Level Knob
– Volume Control Knob
– Triple Watch Mode
– One-Touch Channel 16/67
– Programmable Memory & Scan
– International Channels
– Backlit Keys and Display
– Designed and Engineered in Japan
– Built for Rugged Australian and New Zealand Marine Conditions
– 2 Year Warranty